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Hair Restoration at The Pain Center San Diego

Naturally regrow hair in as little as 4 weeks for a younger looking you.

Naturally Regrow Hair

Regain your confidence with our advanced regenerative treatment that helps your body to naturally regrow hair!

What Causes Hair Loss?

The growth of human hair is an extremely complex process and hair loss is based on a number of factors including genetics, hormonal influence, environment issues, and health conditions. Infections, iron or vitamin D deficiency, metabolic problems and poor nutrition can also play a role in hair loss.

What Is Alopecia

Humans are constantly in a state of growing and losing our hair. Dead or damaged hair is shed on a daily basis. Alopecia (balding) results when the hair we lose is not replaced by new growth. As many as 35 million men and 30 million women suffer from some degree of alopecia in America.

Human Tissue Product Benefits

  • Differentiate into the connective tissue needed for new hair growth
  • Wake up dormant hair follicles
  • Show new growth in as little as 4 weeks
  • Help your hair to stay in the active growth phase (Anagen) longer
  • Support the repair of damaged hair follicles

What Is Human Tissue Product Therapy For Hair?

The process involves waking up the dormant hair follicles in the scalp with a special combination of human tissue products and growth factors. This advanced human tissue product therapy will enhance the regenerative hair process by promoting vascularization and the creation of new blood vessels. This procedure also encourages the hair follicles to enter and stay longer in the the most active growth phase of the hair cycle.

Non-Surgical Therapy

After the scalp has been fully anesthetized with a special ointment, the human tissue products and fluid matrix are introduced in the dermal layer of the scalp through a series of micro-injections. A special machine, that is calibrated to reach the perfect depth and inject equal amounts each time, is used to ensure even distribution of the human tissue products.










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