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Orthopedic Conditions at The Pain Center San Diego

Regenerative human tissue product therapies can dramatically improve damaged connective tissues in the knees, back, and shoulders.

Orthopedic Conditions

Human tissue product therapy has become available and at reasonable rates for the public only in the past decade. Human tissue products, when injected into the human body, are a phenomenal method of orthopedic healing because these pristine cells are automatically programmed to assemble at the site of inflammation or damaged tissue and reproduce to match the exact cells needed. For areas such as cartilage in the joint or injured muscle tissue, these cells create the perfect healing for most orthopedic pain.

The top orthopedic conditions for human tissue products therapy that have been found to be most successful for treatment are:

  • Joint Pain – includes knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, elbows
  • Back Pain – related to either injured muscle tissue or bone repair
  • Osteoarthritis – commonly found in the knees and shoulders
  • Muscle Pain – torn or injured muscle where tissue needs replenishing
  • Meniscus, ACL or MCL Tears – are found in the major joints: knees, shoulders, and hips
  • Athletic injuries – injuries involving joints, muscle, cartilage, and bone

Program Therapies

Human tissue products therapy San Diego, The Pain Center San Diego has seen phenomenal results with human tissue product injections in any of the previously listed orthopedic conditions, and we suggest one of two therapies.

Both therapy options adhere strictly to FDA regulations for both the product and the procedure in orthopedic conditions.

Injury Rapid Recovery

Our doctor assesses your injury using an x-ray, if applicable, and then they talk to you about how the injury occurred and the typical activity of this area to determine if it will be a candidate for the injection. The specific products that are used contain the highest amount of human tissue products permitted with over 440 identifiable cytokines; these are powerful healing proteins naturally-occurring in the body.

The doctor will make an individualized injection directly into the injured area, such as the knee or may use an IV directly into your blood system. Once injected the human tissue products, by nature, begin to reduce inflammation and pain, and repair the ligaments, muscles, and cartilage.

General Rapid Recovery

This is the best option if you have no direct injury to address. In sports, extreme workouts and other activities at work, a larger, general area of pain and injury may be prevalent especially in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

A period of rest should always accompany a workout or other physical exertion because the body needs to allow the muscles to recover from their performance. Our Human Tissue Products Rapid Recovery Shot allows athletes to experience an accelerated recovery process, so they can get back in the game.

Completely Non-Surgical Therapy and Safe

No matter what your orthopedic injury is, the injection or an IV will take only one office visit with the doctor; it is a complete therapy. The human tissue products are robust and ideal for creating the new cell in the area where it is needed. Because they are very young, these human tissue products are un-coded, as opposed to those that are taken from the patient’s own body. They naturally develop into the type of cell desired. The simplicity and effectiveness of this procedure make orthopedic conditions the perfect candidates. There is a rapid recovery in cartilage, muscle, and joints in the legs, arms, and back.

Benefits from Orthopedic Human Tissue Product Injections

  • Relief from pain is first and foremost
  • Avoids surgery
  • Accelerated recovery
  • No hospital stays
  • In-office procedure

Frequently Asked Questions About Human Tissue Product Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions

Will this non-surgical treatment be painful?

The therapies do not require any invasive procedures, and the injection would be similar to any injection you may have had in the past. The result is a pain-free procedure with a short office appointment.

Is there a long downtime after the injection?

As a matter of fact, you will be able to drive home when you leave the office after the treatment. During the next two weeks, we suggest that you “baby” the area, so the human tissue products can reproduce efficiently.

What is the physical therapy after the treatment for?

Physical therapy can be beneficial and recommended. Going to physical therapy will build up the muscles in the surrounding area to support the reproduction of cells.

When you inject the human tissue product solution, how will the new cells know where to “go to work?”

Human tissue products are attracted to the area of intense inflammation. Inflammation is the key identifier to an injury or illness.

When will I feel the relief from pain?

The decrease in pain will depend on the degree of damage in the injury and your own personal health and lifestyle. Recovery times vary with each patient, but, typically, the movement will increase, and pain will decrease within 2-4 weeks! Ask your doctor for more individualized information pertaining to your situation.









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