Peripheral Nerve Stimulator System: Sprint PNS System


Chronic pain is an unfortunate reality for many people. Extreme discomfort can prevent you from living your regular life, and if treatments aren't working, the situation can become even more frustrating.


Fortunately, peripheral nerve stimulation is a long-term pain relief method backed up by scientific research as a safe and risk-free treatment option. Read more about SPRINT PNS, a system offered by The Pain Center in San Diego

The SPRINT PNS system is a technique utilized for neuromodulation and nerve stimulation. The device was designed as a surgery and drug-free method for long-lasting pain relief. This innovative method is a 60-day treatment option that targets nerves generating pain signals.

The doctor uses fluoroscopy to locate the targeted pain region. A tiny MicroLead is placed near the targeted nerve, and an external remote controls the stimulation. The system sends mild electrical signals directly to the nerve, preventing them from sending pain signals. When 60 days have elapsed, the wire is removed, and patients are completely relieved of pain. After the procedure, the patient may experience soreness or tenderness, which fades away in a few days.


Dr. Thompson recommends the PNS system for patients who want sustained pain management and have tried other pain relief methods without success. SPRINT PNS is a 60-day minimally invasive treatment that offers pain relief to patients experiencing: shoulder pain, nerve injury, back pain, knee pain, post-amputation pain, chronic postoperative pain, or traumatic pain.

The Sprint PNS system has been researched extensively and shows that 72% of the patients who undergo the procedure are cured of chronic pain.

Other benefits of using the system include the following:

  • It is short-term, a 60-day treatment option
  • Reduced use of over-the-counter medication
  • No need for a permanent implant
  • Does not require surgery for implantation
  • User-friendly
  • Safe and risk-free

At The Pain Center in San Diego, our experts are committed to ensuring patients receive pain relief treatment that meets their needs. For patients experiencing persistent chronic pain, the SPRINT PNS system may be the best alternative. Do not let chronic pain interfere with your daily activities! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.










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