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Learn the differences between acute and chronic pain, their causes, and treatment options. Improve your pain management knowledge. Click to read more.
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Dealing with pain can be frustrating and exhausting, and seeking treatment can just add to the burden. This article covers why you might consider Cervical Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation, what the treatment consists of, the process of recovery, and how The Pain Center San Diego can help you in your journey to a pain-free life.
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Are you at your wit's end after trying just about everything to treat your chronic neck pain? You may be wondering how long the effects of cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy last and if it is right for you. We will help clarify everything you need to know about this procedure, including what it treats, how long the results last, and where you can get it.
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Neck pain can be debilitating and persistent. One study shows that almost 70 percent of people will experience it at some stage in life. For many, symptoms advance to chronic pain that can seem untreatable. You may be an ideal candidate for a cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy.
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When you have to battle back pain, day after day, it can be extremely difficult to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks. What is more, it is easy to become discouraged, when nothing you have done to find relief seems to work. Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain and have failed to find results from treatments? Here is what you need to know about lumbar facet radiofrequency neurotomy, along with some considerations and warnings.
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Sixty-five million Americans report recently experiencing back pain. If you're among them, you're well aware of the debilitating effects this chronic issue can have on your ability to work, sleep, or enjoy day-to-day life. Linked to causing "psychological distress," it's no wonder that millions turn to their doctors, all searching for the same thing: relief.
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Unfortunately, those of us with chronic pain have faced the same failing options repeatedly. We are told to take a pill, go to physical therapy, and then rest. You cannot live your best life that way. 
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Are you considering a spinal cord stimulator for chronic pain relief? Learn about this procedure and The Pain Center San Diego's expertise in this area. Read more!
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Spinal cord stimulation systems, also known as SCS systems, are designed to ease chronic back, leg and arm pain via electrical impulses. These impulses prevent the neurotransmitters in your brain from receiving pain signals.
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